I believe in you

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[βƬ;;] The young girl’s eyes widen at the sudden amount of people that were before her. Some looked familiar while others didn’t. Baby Tooth looked at each and everyone one of them closely with her two different colored eyes. One being purple and the other being blue, an interesting sight to see but even when she was in her little fairy form they were like that. But she liked them so it didn’t bother her one bit although she didn’t know how others felt about it whenever they saw her eyes. Rocking on the balls of her feet for a second, Baby Tooth finally spoke. “Toothiana isn’t here if that was who you were looking for.” Was that the reason why they were here? She didn’t know so she was taking a wild guess with it. “But maybe I can help you? For the ones that I don’t know seeing as there are a couple of familiar faces and some not so familiar, I’m Baby Tooth .. Who are you?” There was a smile on her face now.